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Hotels in Mumbai

Average price per hotel night and category in Mumbai for the following weeks

1 Stars hotel 2 Stars hotel 3 Stars hotel 4 Stars hotel 5 Stars hotel
2017/01/16 - 2017/01/22 1 Stars hotel R565 2 Stars hotel R648 3 Stars hotel R773 4 Stars hotel R1 303 5 Stars hotel R1 566
2017/01/23 - 2017/01/29 1 Stars hotel R335 2 Stars hotel R516 3 Stars hotel R652 4 Stars hotel R962 5 Stars hotel R1 797
2017/01/30 - 2017/02/05 1 Stars hotel R572 2 Stars hotel R668 3 Stars hotel R1 088 4 Stars hotel R1 649 5 Stars hotel R2 563
2017/02/06 - 2017/02/12 1 Stars hotel R578 2 Stars hotel R727 3 Stars hotel R983 4 Stars hotel R1 517 5 Stars hotel R2 664

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About Mumbai

Also known as Mumbai, Bombay is today one of the most important cities in India and one with the greatest relevance in the tourist industry. The city is located in the south of the country, bathed by the waters of the Indian Ocean. Bombay is characterised by being the country’s main port. Apart from its post activities, the city is the main motor of India’s economy and one of the most important film-producing centres in the world, home of the famous Bollywood which has produced so many films, even though few of them are exhibited in the western world.
Bombay, whose name has its origin in one of the goddesses of the Hindu religion, is situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea in the tropical climate zone. Its mean temperatures are high, which makes it a pleasant place at any time of year. The monsoon season is the one of greatest concern, and is usually from August to September, during which the rainfall sometimes causes enormous damage to the whole country.
The streets of Bombay have witnessed a succession of empires and rules that have all left their mark on the city. Hindus, Muslims and British have all left their indelible seal on both the city and on the country in general.
Among the greatest attractions of Bombay are the gateway of India, Mani Bhawan, the Jainisas temples and the hanging gardens, the Clock tower, the Supreme Court building and Dhobi Ghat. The city still shows the traces of the many different cultures that have co-existed in the city, leaving their mark and showing the world an urban, cosmopolitan city which continues to hold fast to its strong traditions, giving the city a curiously attractive air.
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