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2017/01/16 - 2017/01/22 1 Stars hotel R1 410 2 Stars hotel R1 082 3 Stars hotel R937 4 Stars hotel R1 472 5 Stars hotel R4 778
2017/01/23 - 2017/01/29 1 Stars hotel R554 2 Stars hotel R631 3 Stars hotel R839 4 Stars hotel R1 307 5 Stars hotel R3 142
2017/01/30 - 2017/02/05 1 Stars hotel R560 2 Stars hotel R804 3 Stars hotel R1 009 4 Stars hotel R1 309 5 Stars hotel R2 296
2017/02/06 - 2017/02/12 1 Stars hotel R1 117 2 Stars hotel R1 627 3 Stars hotel R2 078 4 Stars hotel R2 757 5 Stars hotel R4 631

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About Munich

The foundation of the city of Munich dates back to 1158. Its name, München, means monk, and refers to the legend that the king permitted the monks to be the first brewers of beer. The kings drew heavy taxes from beer production, and still today you can savor many pure and traditional brews. Munich’s cozy and pleasant character is well known and helps to preserve the city’s historical past, which, along with its proximity to the Alps, makes Munich an interesting destination.
The famous Marienplatz, Munich’s central square, displays a statue of the Virgin Mary at its center and houses the 19th century neo-Gothic building of the City Council (Neues-Rathaus), whose tower rises to more than 80 meters high and from whose bell tower mechanical marionettes represent scenes from Munich’s history. To the west is the Cathedral of Munich (Frauenkirche), constructed in the 15th and 16th centuries. The cathedral’s history features a peculiar legend, “The Devil’s Footprint”. The story goes that the architect made a pact with the devil, promising that the church would be constructed without windows in exchange for certain diabolical favors. The clever builder tricked the devil, having him observe the finished cathedral at the one spot from which columns obstructed the sight of any of the windows. The devil, realizing he’d been conned, stomped his foot in frustration, burning a mark in the floor.
Heading south, you arrive at the Viktualienmarkt in the street of the same name, a great market where, according to long-held tradition, people meet to buy and chat. Ascending from the Marienplatz you find the Old City Council (Altes Rathaus), which contains a peculiar toy museum.
In Platz Street is located the popular Hofbräuhaus brewery of Munich, from which ten thousand liters are dispatched daily. To the north, in Max-Joseph Square, sits the palace known as the Residence (Resindez), whose style was modified throughout five centuries from Renaissance to Baroque to Rococo to Classical. It is made up of the Royal House, the Maximiliana Residence, the Banquet Hall, the Church of All Saints, the Marstall, and the Cuvilliés Theater. Behind the Residence is the English Garden (Englischer Garten), a great park containing a Chinese tower, a Japanese teahouse, and a Greek temple. On the same level, but in the other direction, you can visit the collections of three art galleries. Far from the center of Munich sits the Palace of Nymphenburg (Schloss Nymphenburg), the summer residence of the Wittelsbach family, whose great stone lobby and beautiful gallery serve to emphasize the lovely collection of pictures contained within.
Munich today -9°C
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In Munich we will have clear sky, it is advised to dress in layers due to the minimum temperatures.

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