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Hotels in Brasilia

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1 1 Star hotel 2 2 Stars hotel 3 3 Stars hotel 4 4 Stars hotel 5 5 Stars hotel
2017/02/20 - 2017/02/26 1 1 Star hotel R292 2 2 Stars hotel R325 3 3 Stars hotel R379 4 4 Stars hotel R520 5 5 Stars hotel R591
2017/02/27 - 2017/03/05 1 1 Star hotel R310 2 2 Stars hotel R329 3 3 Stars hotel R398 4 4 Stars hotel R474 5 5 Stars hotel R585
2017/03/06 - 2017/03/12 1 1 Star hotel R343 2 2 Stars hotel R384 3 3 Stars hotel R444 4 4 Stars hotel R560 5 5 Stars hotel R712
2017/03/13 - 2017/03/19 1 1 Star hotel R612 2 2 Stars hotel R562 3 3 Stars hotel R802 4 4 Stars hotel R1 047 5 5 Stars hotel R1 267

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About Brasilia

Brasilia can make the proud claim to the title “capital of Brazil”, the enormous country from which it takes its name. One of the youngest cities in the world, it bears the added incentive of carrying the economic and legal weight of its country. Additionally, this city located in the center of the Brazilian plain, can boast of being the only city in the world constructed in the 20th century to be declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
The reason for the creation of Brasilia was to give an alternative location to the already-crowded cities of Salvador de Bahia, Sao Paulo and Rio, and to create a significant population centered in the country’s interior, with the intent that people would move to a region neglected under colonization. Because of its unique location in a region of forests and wilderness, the climate of Brasilia is tropical, giving a specific character to the city that is absent from all other Brazilian metropolises. Brasilia has warm temperatures throughout the year, but (except during summer) also experiences heavy rainfall.
It is in Brasilia where the country’s main seats of companies and public services are located, imparting to its surroundings a uniquely contemporary feel. In addition, it is a place where architecture and urbanism are emphasized. To view the modernity and the sculpture of its buildings, any visitor to this city should stop by the Cultural Complex of the Republic, the Cathedral of Brasilia dedicated to ‘Our Lady Who Appeared’, the National Congress, the Palace of the Plateau, the Palace of the Dawn, the Square of the Three Powers and the JK Bridge. Many other buildings, all of them modern, equip the city with a majestic air that is especially delightful for lovers of great architecture.
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