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Hotels in Sydney

Average price per hotel night and category at Sydney for the following weeks

1 Stars hotel 2 Stars hotel 3 Stars hotel 4 Stars hotel 5 Stars hotel
2017/01/16 - 2017/01/22 1 Stars hotel R270 2 Stars hotel R1 045 3 Stars hotel R1 221 4 Stars hotel R2 069 5 Stars hotel R3 396
2017/01/23 - 2017/01/29 1 Stars hotel R330 2 Stars hotel R1 088 3 Stars hotel R1 378 4 Stars hotel R2 199 5 Stars hotel R3 647
2017/01/30 - 2017/02/05 1 Stars hotel R414 2 Stars hotel R636 3 Stars hotel R984 4 Stars hotel R1 585 5 Stars hotel R2 675
2017/02/06 - 2017/02/12 1 Stars hotel R362 2 Stars hotel R585 3 Stars hotel R1 119 4 Stars hotel R1 716 5 Stars hotel R2 461

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About Sydney

The largest and oldest city in Australia, despite not being the capital, Sydney, located in Jackson Bay, is the country’s international point of reference and the cultural centre and most important tourist destination in Australia. It has the largest population density, and despite this, is one of the youngest cities in the world. It was founded at the end of the 18th century as a British colony, from whence comes its linguistic tradition.
Sydney has mild temperatures all the year round, which are slightly lower during the northern summer solstice. Despite being a remote destination, it is a very popular one, due to its position as the gateway to Australia and its many sites of natural, ethnic and cultural interest.
From the tourism standpoint, the hotspots of Sydney are the opera house, which is one of the most impressive structures in the world, the bridge in Sydney harbour, the Chinese quarter, Darling Harbour, the Olympic Park or Newtown. However, what this city is most famous for are its long beaches, true paradises for enjoying the sun by either relaxing or practising sports.
A modern but peaceful city, a place through which to stroll and enjoy leisure activities, that will impress all those who visit Australia and have the chance to use its infrastructures as a fantastic starting point for visiting the enormous island of Australia.