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2016/11/28 - 2016/12/04 1 Stars hotel R368 2 Stars hotel R408 3 Stars hotel R2 520 4 Stars hotel R525
2016/12/05 - 2016/12/11 1 Stars hotel R368 2 Stars hotel R427 3 Stars hotel R2 520 4 Stars hotel R596
2016/12/12 - 2016/12/18 1 Stars hotel R368 2 Stars hotel R379 3 Stars hotel R2 666 4 Stars hotel R525
2016/12/19 - 2016/12/25 1 Stars hotel R380 2 Stars hotel R395 3 Stars hotel R1 147 4 Stars hotel R437

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About Roses

In the middle of Costa Brava, in Girnona, at the foot of the mountain of Puig Rom, lie the beaches of Roses. The area of the region is divided into La Playa Gran – which goes from the marina of Santa Margarida until the mouth of the creek of Ginjolers – Playa Nova and de la Perola that stretch until the port – and La Playa del Palagrers – which is found just below the road to the lighthouse.
They are quiet beaches of fine white sand, and are little visited. In Nova and Perola you can join the route taken by many coastal boats, some of which boast glass bottoms for enjoying the sea floor.
One of the attractions of the region – and the one for which it is best-known – is the famous restaurant “El Bulli”, where the famous chef Ferrán Adriá reigns, and which is open to the public only a few months a year.
Because Roses is essentially a small fishing town, albeit one of the most important in Cataluña, it doesn’t have much of a nightlife. Its appeal lies in the tranquility it offers – the sensation sought by most who visit this port – and the beauty of the Mediterranean. In fact, one of the most strikingly attractive scenes of the region is found at this point, with the lighthouse and the panorama of the bay of Roses, and the sea as chief protagonist.
Along the length of the boardwalk are ice cream shops and restaurants for those wanting to enjoy seaside proximity: but aside from these typical tourist offerings, Roses maintains its spirit as one of the least known corners of the Spanish coast.

Points of Interest in Roses

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